Among Us has reached its peak and its popularity is starting to decline? 25% lower viewership

Among Us has reached its peak and its popularity is starting to decline 25% lower viewership
Among Us is at a point where every high-profile hit has been. Now, the most difficult task lies ahead of the developers.

Each “hit” has its own moment when the most difficult test comes. This is a situation where interest begins to slowly decline. Views on Youtube or Twitch, instead of increasing, are constant, or possibly smaller.

Some rise to the occasion, such as Fortnite, which maintains a constant audience, others completely drop out, such as Fall Guys.

Among Us, the most difficult task

The interest in Among Us begins to waver. This is shown well by views on Twitch. The last two weeks have seen a drop in viewership by 25%. It’s not that much, but you can see that players already need more news and additional changes.

Among Us, the most difficult task

The decline is also visible in Google Trends. InnerSloth does not provide official data on the number of players, but it can be suspected that there are also less and less of them. Now everything depends only on the developers and the pace of work.

What has been announced and done so far?

Let us recall that additional interface functions have been introduced. These are among others:

  • Anonymous voting
  • Ability to hide the task progress bar
  • Enhance colors for people who have trouble telling them apart
  • New servers have been added and optimized
  • Anticheat introduced

In addition, a new map and a friend system have been announced. The rest remains one big mystery for now. A new location could be useful and you could start learning it from scratch. Cosmetic items are also a good way to attract attention, maybe through the Battle Pass system, or through challenges?

The next weeks will definitely be crucial now. If Among does not introduce any updates, there will only be fewer players, and productions such as Fortnite, CS: GO and League of Legends will return to the top.

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