What does the recreated map from CSGO in Minecraft look like? A completely different version of Inferno

The CSGO player decided to create Inferno in Minecraft.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members shared his interesting Minecraft build on Reddit. A user with the nickname “bebetheupdateman: decided to recreate the Inferno map in cubes and publish the results of his work on the American portal. The project looks very interesting and it is worth seeing this iconic map in a completely different production.

How does the map look like?

In the pictures below you can see how the map created by bebetheupdateman looks like. It very accurately reproduces the battlefield from the game, including the smallest details, which are undoubtedly even trees and plants. On the map you will find literally all buildings and locations known from CS.

More screenshots of the building created by a member of the Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive can be seen at the link. This idea is very interesting and has gained a lot of recognition among the community, so we will be able to expect more maps soon.

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