The Last of Us 2 receives an interesting sale on PS Store for a limited time

The Last of Us 2 receives an interesting sale on PS Store for a limited time
With these savings, it may be a great time to purchase the Naughty Dog set.

One of the video games of the year, due to its quality and the amount of comments it has generated in the community, is The Last of Us Part 2 . The sequel to the original The Last of Us has been the culmination of Naughty Dog and has been created with exceptional care, for example creating a whole facial system for the characters to express with gestures what they feel at all times.

Well, Naughty Dog has announced that it has dropped the price of the game on PlayStation Store by $ 20 until October 20.

If you haven’t played The Last of Us 2 yet, this sale may be a good option to get hold of the game. Of course, if you decide to purchase it, the title will be downloaded to your PlayStation 4 updated to the latest version that arrived in August and which introduced interesting new features , such as Realistic mode, permanent death and more configuration options, to mention some of the additions.

The Last of Us 2 was launched with the story for a player and many of the fans of the saga missed the multiplayer mode of the first TLoU, but recently Neil Druckmann asked the followers for patience to launch this new content and assured that he is waiting for it it will be worth it . By the way, a few days ago we also heard the news that TLoU 2 has been completed by 60% of the players.

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