StarCraft 2 stops producing content 10 years after its launch, but Blizzard will keep it alive

StarCraft 2 stops producing content 10 years after its launch, but Blizzard will keep it alive
It seems that new games based on the franchise are not being ruled out, with no sequel announced yet.

StarCraft 2 was released in July 2010 , a game that has remained the dominant RTS as was the case with its predecessor. Now, Blizzard announces the cessation of development of new content for this title, which means that we will not have more commanders or chests to buy. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to die.

Of course, the lack of new features will put off many players, but the servers will remain active as before and their developers have confirmed that we will continue to have updates with balance adjustments and bug fixes, “focusing mainly on what to our main community and competitive matters more to him. “

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Qualifying this last point, Blizzard assures that SC2 will continue to maintain its usual representation in the eSports scene with ESL Gaming and GSL. What about the IP as such? In the past, the Warcraft fathers had no qualms about listing their most relevant games for the future. Right now StarCraft does not have a sequel on the horizon, but it seems that something like that is not ruled out.

Or at least, it is what can be read between the lines following the closing of the entry . Producer Rob Bridenbecker concludes, “We will keep you posted on any and all plans we have for future forays into the Koprulu sector.” In the absence of something more specific, we remind you that Blizzard has announced Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV (plus the Immortal spin-off ) as well as the imminent Shadowlands expansion for WoW, so it will surely be a while until we see their next Great game.

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