Rocket League announces Pelé theme pack

Rocket League announces Pelé theme pack
All 3 cosmetic items will be available during the weekend and one of them will be free.

Although it never really lost relevance, Rocket League has gained new vigor after its migration to the free-to-play model and to keep the good moment, Psyonix has announced that this weekend will be available, in the game, 3 cosmetic items, themed of Pelé , because the Brazilian star turns 80 next week.

These are number 10 tires and a sticker for the Octane model car that will be available in the store, as well as a sign that can be obtained free of charge. This is Rocket League’s first major collaboration with the traditional football world, which lends itself to looking forward to exciting things in the future.

This also occurs in the framework of the celebration of the majors of South America, Europe and North America , which will be taking place this weekend. On the occasion of these championships, Psyonix also announced that it will show the 10 best plays in the community, published on networks using the number # TopPeléChallenge, during the official broadcast of the Latin America regional Major of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X on 23 October.

After several years operating as a traditional game with micropayments, Rocket League migrated to the free-to-play model on September 23rd and with it came a very important change in its progression system and microtransaction system, in addition of course, to an increase in the size of your community.

Until the last count, the game accumulated 75 million players .

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