MachineGames, responsible for Wolfenstein, is excited about the SSDs of PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

MachineGames, responsible for Wolfenstein, is excited about the SSDs of PS5 and Xbox Series X and S
“We no longer need to consider ways to entertain the player while levels load,” says the study.

The start of the new generation is already a month away. Both Sony and Microsoft are going to release their new consoles within days of each other for the next few years. The PlayStation 5 will arrive in markets such as Mexico or the United States on November 12. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will release worldwide on November 10.

The beginning of a new generation is always a special time for the entire gaming community, including developers. The employees of the current head of Wolfenstein , MachineGames , have shared their thoughts on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S and are excited about the possibilities that the new hardware offers them, especially with the SSDs.

In an interview on the Bethesda website to celebrate 10 years of the studio, some workers have commented on how they see the future. Asked about which technological advancement they are most excited about, developers have not hesitated to talk about the SSD: “One of the key elements that will come in the immediate future is the general availability of really fast storage ,” said Jim Kjellin , CTO.


Kjellin insisted on how this faster loading speed favors a video game: “This allows us to change the way we think about game design . The historical problem of having to wait for the loading to finish or artificially slow the pace before being able to make major changes to the player experience will be a thing of the past . “

Production Director John Jennings also agreed to highlight this aspect of the new hardware: “I absolutely agree with Jim. With these super-fast SSDs, we no longer need to consider ways to entertain the player while levels load. Allow bigger worlds and having players seamlessly travel within them will provide some new and exciting experiences. I’m really looking forward to that. “

Finally, and in reference to Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda , gameplay director Fredrik Ljungdahl said he believes that being part of Microsoft will help them create even better games in the future. The latest MachineGames game has been Wolfenstein: Youngblood , designed to be enjoyed cooperatively, and if you want to know more about it you can recall our analysis .

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