How to find out when you created a Fortnite account, when you bought your first skin and how much did you spend?

Fortnite account
Few people know that you can view detailed information about your Fortnite account at any time.

Epic provides everyone with very detailed account details. You can easily download all the exact information about your skins, login IP, amount of money spent, date of account creation and purchases.

All this is sent to players at their direct request and additionally secured. Therefore, few people know that such an option exists at all.

How do I get account details?

To find out when exactly we bought a skin or created an account, follow a few steps that will finally allow us to download a special PDF file with everything related to the account.

How to do it?

  • Log in to the official website
  • Go to the “Account” tab
  • Find your account information and create a file
  • You will receive an email from Epic Games with a download code
  • Otrzymasz od Epic kolejny mail z hasłem pozwalającym na dostęp do pliku

This makes it easy to view accurate purchases, all account information, challenges, achievements, levels etc.

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