5 games similar to GTA V, but with better graphics, which players think are worth trying

5 games similar to GTA V, but with better graphics, which players think are worth trying
Five games that are similar to GTA 5, but have more pleasant graphics.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a pioneer of its genre. It is not surprising that many players are looking for titles similar to GTA and it can be quite difficult for someone uninitiated in computer games. Nevertheless, there are several titles that not only resemble the iconic Rockstar series in their gameplay, but also enjoy much better graphics.

What games can we enter into the GTA 5 genre?

Mafia: Final Edition

The title was released only a few weeks ago, being a remake of the Mafia from 2002. The production combines not only a great and engaging story, which allows the player to put himself in the place of the main character, but also nice graphics. The game produced by Hangar 13 is in many ways similar to Grand Theft Auto, but it was set in a slightly earlier time.

Five games that are similar to GTA 5, but have more pleasant graphics.

Just Cause 4

The Just Cause franchise created a niche for itself in the gaming industry as its developers, Avalanche, quickly realized what many open-world games had failed to do. Just Cause was never meant to compete with GTA, but when comparing the two titles, JC4 excels at borrowing the core foundations of the open world genre and building upon them in a much more creative way.

The game not only encourages users to have chaotic play, but also rewards them for it. An environment where we can literally destroy everything, the freedom to traverse and the vastness of the open world contribute to the madness of Just Cause 4.

just cause 4

Red Dead Redemption II

This production was also created by Rockstar, so it’s even easier to find similarities in it. The title was set in the times of American cowboys, and despite this, GTA players will certainly find themselves in this game. The superb open-world western was quickly hailed as the best in its genre, and has been loved by the community ever since.

When it comes to the graphics of Red Dead Redemption II, the title is extremely honest and hits the right emotional notes at many points in its story.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs is probably the most famous “comeback” story. among modern video games after the first game in the series didn’t have a good start. Coupled with issues such as massive graphics degradation, Watch Dogs was a game that had bold ideas but was not able to get fans as expected.

As a result, the sequel was not able to raise a lot of expectations from viewers and was released by fans with a cool reception. On the other hand, critics were quick to praise Watch Dogs 2 for its incredibly well-made open world and creative choices.

Yakuza 0

Sega’s Yakuza is perhaps not so popular, but a very good series of computer games in this genre. It perfectly combines the right amount of drama and humor. Additionally, the title boasts perhaps the best combat system that can be found in modern games.

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