200 V-Bucks Fortnite LEGO Set “Are you sure this isn’t a leak?”

A LEGO set containing elements from Fortnite has appeared on the Internet.

LEGO and Fortnite have not cooperated in any way so far, and this is quite strange, because many game developers prepare special sets with blocks. One example is Overwatch.

The players have repeatedly mentioned that they would be very happy to build the Agency or the famous Tilted Towers at home.

LEGO Fortnite

Reddit user with the nickname “minibrickproductions” has published one of the LEGO x Fortnite sets that looks incredibly authentic. The lack of a larger caption and explanation of what this picture is meant that many people thought it was a leak.

Fortnite lego

In the comments, there were questions directly about whether this is a leak, because it looks really good.

reddit lego fortnite

The author of the post simply inserted a thoughtful Reddit character. Does that mean anything? Rather not, although the set looks really authentic and could easily land in stores.

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