Sony clarifies the situation with the recording of voice chats on PS5

Sony clarifies the situation with the recording of voice chats on PS5

With the release of Update 8.0.0 for PlayStation 4, additional parental control options have been added to the console, especially when children are online. At the same time, a strange warning appeared that the voice communication could be recorded. This worried not only parents but gamers in general, so Sony made an explanation on its blog . 

Sony explained that the warning received by gamers is about a new feature on the PS5. The functionality does not work on PS4, so there is nothing to fear now. At the same time, voice chat on the next-generation console will not be actively monitored or eavesdropped. The recording is only necessary to enable players to report harassment , including clips up to 40 seconds cut from the last five minutes. This option cannot be refused – if you are using PS5 voice chat, then someone in your chat can trim the audio and send it to moderators for review.

Considering that players regularly hear in their chats on any platform, this decision by Sony looks quite justified. Especially if the company doesn’t really actively monitor voice communications.

As for the notification on PS4, it was necessary in view of the cross-gen of games.

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