PS5 will run games on discs without the need for updates

PS5 will run games on discs without the need for updates

Similar to the PS4, Sony’s next-gen console will be able to play offline games on discs without having to connect to the network and install an update.

As part of the presentation of the user interface, the company introduced many new features, such as cards with activities , the ability to launch multiplayer matches and game levels from the home screen, spoiler warnings , hints and much more. However, with all the social options and benefits, some gamers may be concerned that the PS5 will require a constant internet connection to use. 

Network access does add to the functionality of the PS5, but the console will be fully functional without a constant internet connection. So, she will be able to run disk games without updates.

In a conversation with  Digital Foundry, the  company confirmed that disc games run immediately on the PS5. However, please note that this feature will not be available on the digital PS5. 

PS5 sales will start on November 12 in several countries and on the 19th in the rest of the world.

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