How did Valve hit CSGO players who have had crash issues since yesterday?

How did Valve hit CSGO players who have had crash issues since yesterday

Since the last update, there have been many signals that some features in CS: GO have stopped working and the game is crashing.

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been receiving a lot of small updates recently, introducing slight fixes or minor changes to the code. Many people thought that these patches did not improve the game in any way and are simply unnecessary.

More criticism towards Valve came yesterday as a new update started causing many people to crash the game. What was the reason?

How Valve hit people who crashed CS: GO

Crashes aren’t fun, so it’s no surprise that players just got irritated. One of the developers decided to answer all these complaints.

The solution to the puzzle that causes the game to crash are … Cheats. It turns out that the new update has changed something in the access of third party software to CS: GO, as a result of which people using illegal software are kicked out of matches and the game itself crashes.

It should also be written that Valve knows about crashes also in people who do not use cheats. For now, however, it is not known when it will be fixed. Most of the problems are to be caused by additional software that is not compatible with CSem.

Yesterday we wrote about the fact that the trusted mode can incorrectly identify various types of programs, as a result of which even VAC bans are imposed on players. It is possible that the crashes themselves have something to do with this topic.

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