Will Sona from LoL get a rework now? Why do players think there’s a good chance of this

Will Sona from LoL get a rework now Why do players think there's a good chance of this

Seraphine’s abilities have brought Riot into massive waves of criticism. The community claims that the heroine is a copy of Sony. Will the character change?

After Seraphine’s abilities were shown by the creators of League of Legends on the internet, they were criticized for copying another heroine already in the game. We are talking about Sona, who shares the musical theme with the newest character. You can read more about the similarities in another article – Riot responds to the allegations of LoL players regarding Seraphine, which is to be a slightly different Sona. The community believes that the creators will now revamp the older character. Why?

Will Sony rework actually take place?

In the entry of one of the players you can read about a similar situation in the past, where the issued champion resembled the set of the one already hosted on Summoner’s Rift. Soon after, the older hero was changed.

Graves was doing quite well, Riot released Lucian. The two seemed too much alike, so Graves was reworked as an older character. End of the story.

The same will happen to Sona. She’s older too, and Seraphine is a better incarnation of her (at least that’s what it looks like – I have no idea about numbers).

Lucian was released on August 22, 2013, and Graves’ rework hit live servers on November 11, 2015.

Will Sona from LoL get a rework now Why do players think there's a good chance of this

However, can the situation actually repeat itself in the present case? Riot, listing the differences between the heroines, indicated the requirements for the player and his skills.

Seraphine is mechanically much more difficult than Sony. I believe that her set would not work as a Sony rework. The older character fills an important place in their pool (low requirements for the player, and also a lot of utility for the team), which Seraphine definitely does not fit.

According to the creators of LoL, it needs mechanically simple characters. Although this does not rule out a rework, it does mean that it will not be the highest priority currently.

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