What do 60+ new item icons in League of Legends look like?

What do 60+ new item icons in League of Legends look like

What’s new on PBE? Changes to the store and items.

There has been a lot of excitement on the test servers since the update to be released on live servers in preseason. Curious about what’s new, players immediately started coming to the PBE and helping the developers spot countless bugs. Another patch has already hit the servers, introducing adjustments to the balance and the store, eliminating the aforementioned errors and adding new items.

New item icons and the rest of the news

In the entry of one of the Rioters you can read about what is included in the update.

Preseason returns today for the PBE. Many changes have already been made and there will be more to come.

  • Store statistics filter

League of legends shop

  • Lots of buffs and nephers
  • New Mythical items for supporters
  • Lots of bug fixes

Thank you for your experimentation and feedback. Good luck!

He also noted that there will be more than 60 new item icons, and all Mythical tier icons will be animated.

Lol icons
Lol icons

This is how the icons on the test servers look like today. The creators point out that they are not placed in any special order, and some of them are still temporary.

The more notable balance tweaks include:

  • Change the type of additional Guinsoo damage from magical to physical (to make building armor more effective).
  • HP stat changed to Magic Resist in Mikael’s Crucible so that the item is picked more often by Support Heroes.
  • Assassin mythical AP items now have AP ratios on their abilities.

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