What it is like to fly on a broomstick to be a new “vehicle” in Fortnite?

What it is like to fly on a broomstick to be a new vehicle in Fortnite

A new emote is coming to Fortnite, but also a new means of transport. How do these two things come together?

As expected, the latest Fortnite update has a lot of information about the upcoming Halloween event, “Nightmares Spell”.

We learned, among other things, that a new, temporary means of transport in the form of a broom was to be added to the game.

A broom as a means of transport

As we learn from people searching the game files, Epic will add a new vehicle to the game that is very closely related to the new emote that appeared in the files. According to what we read, the broom can be found in boxes and special “baskets”.

This, however, has not yet been confirmed, as other information on this subject can be found in several places.


We can see the appearance of the broom in the new emote called “Witch way”. This one will probably come out around Halloween. When to expect an event? Last year, the event started on October 29, this time it will probably be similar. It is best to set yourself up for the last week of October.

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