Sony has a conservative approach – Digital Foundry compares PS5 and Xbox Series X build

Digital Fondry has compared the build of PS5 and Xbox Series X. In short, Sony has a more direct, conservative approach.

Digital Foundry has published an analysis of the video with the “internals” of the PS5 and compared the build with the Xbox Series X. The conclusions are ambiguous.

First off, the PS5 has a relatively simple, expansive main board. The elements are located at a noticeable distance from each other, but this potentially has a good effect on cooling. Speaking of the latter – liquid metal instead of regular thermal paste is certainly good, but Sony uses a relatively simple way to get rid of heat – with the help of huge radiators and a fan with wide blades.


Xbox Series X is harder. First, the south bridge is on a separate board. Secondly, the entire console is assembled like a pie, in the center of which is an aluminum base. According to Digital Foundry, the cost of building such a device is higher than in the case of the PS5.

Also, the PS5 power supply rating is higher than that of the Xbox Series X, but we will find out how much the consoles will actually consume in November.

PS5 vs Xbox serie x

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