NBA 2K21 developers talk about DualSense features on PS5

NBA 2K21 developers talk about DualSense features on PS5

A lot has already been said about the features of DualSense triggers on PS5, and the developers of the NBA 2K21 simulator are no exception. They detailed the controller functions that will be used in the game.

DualSense will be felt when throwing, moving and attacking.

  • If you are tired while running, the resistance of the corresponding button will increase
  • The stronger the opponent, the more difficult it will be to fight him in the post or beat him. Stronger opponent – stronger pressure
  • Players will feel every impact and every minor contact through vibration

As for the rest of the features of NBA 2K21, the developers will improve the engine to make basketball players feel even better. All of the key features of individual players will be retained, so players familiar with the series will see progress. Even compared to the PS4 version. 

The developers said that DualSense and its capabilities were the reason for them to look for solutions to improve the gameplay. They described other technical changes on the PlayStation blog.

The release of NBA 2K21 on PS5 will take place with the launch of the console.

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