Dynamic map of Paramo is available on the PUBG test server

Dynamic map of Paramo is available on the PUBG test server

The developers from PUBG Corporation did not delay the whipping up of intrigue and almost immediately after the announcement rolled out the dynamic Paramo map to the PUBG test server . The location is 3×3 km in size, and each new landing will not be similar to the previous one.

Shrouded in clouds in the highlands of South America lies the land of Paramo, which keeps the secrets of antiquity. This region is rife with dangers, but the most terrible threat is an active volcano and rivers of burning lava. Survivors heading to Paramo will only be able to reach the highlands by helicopter, which will also drop supplies onto the battlefield.

Other features of Paramo and Update 9.1:

  • 64 players on the map, only squads and 3rd person view
  • No red zones, blue tapers slowly, but deals increased damage
  • Motorcycles are the only transport available on Paramo
  • A secret room key with very cool loot, an emergency kit that raises a friend in a second
  • Start of Season 9, Ranked Single Player
  • Weapon balance
  • New Battle Pass and Cosmetics
  • Improvements to performance, shop and general game interface

PUBG is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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