What does the leaked GTA 6 map look like? Everything you need to know about her

What does the leaked GTA 6 map look like Everything you need to know about her

There was supposed to be a leak in the world of Grand Theft Auto again. This time, however, it is really mysterious.

On October 9, on 4chana, someone posted the topic “The Island” with a link to the following graphic:

Map gta 6

As expected, the search has begun. These ended after a few days and, interestingly, in a rather unexpected way.

Agrees with the 2018 leak

On December 19, 2018, someone posted two links on Twitter, leading to pictures on Imgura. This account has never uploaded anything before or after. Oddly, it wasn’t until 2020 someone discovered this, probably by accident.

What exactly were in those links? These are two graphics, consisting of several parts and the word “1985”, which is probably meant to suggest the years in which the action takes place.

Map gta 6
Map gta 6

And although it looks like a fan map for San Andreas, players and many different media see it as a leak of the map for GTA 6. Is it really so? Everyone has to judge for themselves. If you recently heard about the great leakage of the location to the sixth part, this is its genesis. Strange, mysterious and very unconfirmed.

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