New shooter from director Bioshock is in active development

New shooter from director Bioshock is in active development

Ghost Story Games, led by Bioshock Director Ken Levin, continues to work on the unannounced game. A year ago, from one of the vacancies, it became known that the game is a first-person immersive sim in a sci-fi universe with role-playing elements.

Now from the vacancy of a senior producer, more is known about the title: the studio consists of 35 people and is still working on the game. The shooter is already in the later stages of production. The team was formed in 2017.

From the vacancy it became known that the studio has a very open internal policy. Any employee can come up with ideas, come up and give advice to any colleague. Every opinion within the team matters.

The applicant must be familiar with System Shock 2, BioShock, and BioShock Infinite.

The release date of the game and its name remain unknown.

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