Minecraft makers reveal whether these mobs will make it into the game despite losing the vote

Minecraft makers reveal whether these mobs will make it into the game despite losing the vote

On Twitter, there is an opportunity to ask Minecraft developers about anything. What answers were given?

A few days ago, an action took place on the popular Twitter portal, where all players could ask questions to Minecraft creators via a previously designated tag. Most of them concerned the recently released update 1.17, which shocked the game community. What interesting could the fans learn directly from the developers?

Fan questions and answers

As is well known, this year’s Mob Vote vote after a fierce battle with Iceologer ended with the victory of Glow Squid. The players were surprised because practically everyone was sure that the first player would win. Disappointed, they decided to ask if the mobs that dropped off still had a chance of appearing in Minecraft. What was Agnes’s answer?

Hi! All mobs that did not win the vote have a chance of being added to the game in the future if we feel that they are new enough. Their failure doesn’t mean they disappear forever, but we want to make sure that what we add is worth it at the time.

So the news can please fans of both Moobloom and Iceologer.


The next question asked also concerned the mob who took part in the vote. One user asked about the mesmerizing properties of Glow Squid that could be seen in its trailer and if not, if it had any other special properties. One commentator’s answer is as follows:

Developers have already confirmed that they will not hypnotize, will not be a light source and will not throw out neon dye to players.

Apart from the fact that everything may still change, for now the new squid will not differ too much from the one currently in the game.

In addition, Agnes asked players how long the copper oxidation process should take, and players, apart from answering, had the opportunity to learn that the process could be stopped at any stage. Most of the comments agreed and suggested around 100 Minecraft days, which translates into 20 hours of gameplay to reach each level.


Regularly emerging new information makes it hard to forget what happened during Minecraft Live. The upcoming update will not disappear from the mouth of the community anytime soon, and the upcoming date of the first snapshots will probably soon make it even louder at 1.17.

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