David Cage on Xbox Series: It Confuses Developers and Regular Users

David Cage on Xbox Series It Confuses Developers and Regular Users

The head of Quantic Dream, David Cage, spoke to the portal wccftech about the Xbox Series X / S consoles. According to the game designer, having two systems with different hardware can seriously confuse both developers and ordinary buyers. However, he also understands the commercial benefits of this Microsoft solution.

Cage is confident that many developers will ultimately focus on the Xbox Series S.

Many developers prefer consoles because you’re working with one set of hardware. When a manufacturer offers two consoles with different specifications, chances are good that many studios will focus on the weaker one. To be honest, I don’t like this approach.

I think this can be confusing not only for game creators, but also for ordinary players. Although I understand the commercial advantages inherent in this decision, I am sure that the situation is very borderline.

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