Apex Legends came out later so one of the developers could adopt a child

Apex Legends came out later so one of the developers could adopt a child

Respawn Lead Network Programmer John Shearing shared an interesting story behind the release of Apex Legends . It turns out that the game came out two hours later than planned, so that John had time to adopt a child.

Filled out the last stack of papers for adoption. This reminded me of my previous court visit in Los Angeles.

Apex Legends came out at a weird time – at lunchtime Pacific Time. We planned to launch in the morning, but then the date of the adoption hearing became known – February 4, 10 am. At the same time, we wanted to make a release. I panicked. I run online services, so the situation was not good.

Everyone at Respawn agreed to postpone the release so I could go to court. Then I ran into the studio, conducted the launch with my colleagues and celebrated everything with them.

It was an amazing day for me and my family! This is why Apex Legends came out at such a strange time. Because Respawn decided my family was more important.

On the one hand, it is not difficult to postpone the launch of a game that has not even been announced before. However, another fact is also striking – a year and a half has passed, and the child has not yet been adopted.

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