120 fps on Xbox Series X – DIRT 5 analysis from Digital Foundry

120 fps on Xbox Series X - DIRT 5 analysis from Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry experts got to DIRT 5 in order to test the game in all graphics modes available on the Xbox Series X. Of greater interest was the 120 frames per second mode.

  • DF tried not the final version of the game, so title optimization may change by release
  • The game was created on the Onrush engine
  • The engine supports deforming snow and mud, assets created using photogrammetry, dynamic weather and volumetric smoke
  • When you get to know the game, different materials and surfaces are striking. Everything is created using photogrammetry based on drone images
  • In bumper camera mode, you can see tire marks and stones on the road
  • By the end of the race, any track looks different than at the beginning. The weather plays an important role, puddles form right during the race
  • Available car bodies wrinkle and get dirty realistically

120 fps on Xbox Series X - DIRT 5 analysis from Digital Foundry

  • There are three modes in total. The first is dynamic 4K resolution / 60 fps. The second is dynamic 4K resolution / 60 fps, but some effects are reduced, shadows are less detailed, and there are rare screen tears. Third – dynamic 1440p / 120 fps, even less detailed shadows, almost no spectators in the stands
  • The frame rate can go down to 90 fps, but according to DF, this is almost invisible

When we break the 60fps barrier, the very notion of “frames per second” in the context of the discussion of user experience becomes controversial. Think about this: the difference between 90 and 120 is 30 frames, but it’s only 2.8ms in frame time – versus 16.7ms when going from 30 to 60 fps.

The takeaway is that framerate drops below 120 have less impact on the user experience, especially if the drops are fleeting.

Previously, a ton of DIRT 5 gameplay on Xbox Series X in various graphics modes was posted online . The game will be released on November 6 on PC, PS4, Xbox One. The race will hit Xbox Series X / S on November 10, and will later make it to PlayStation 5.

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