Xbox Series X and S will have a promotional campaign full of activities and content

Xbox Series X and S will have a promotional campaign full of activities and content

The Xbox marketing team says there is a lot to come before the premiere.

With the announcement of the launch date of the new consoles last September, Microsoft and Sony have put an additional march to their respective advertising campaigns. On Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S , in fact, last week the new television commercial for the two consoles was presented , a great production with actor Daniel Kaluuya, which invites us to discover new worlds in the next generation. And it seems that this is only the beginning .

Through Twitter, Marketing Director Josh Munsee , responsible for the Xbox Series X and S advertising campaign, promises a lot of movement between now and launch, at least in the promotional field: “I know we keep saying it, but we really that we have more to come . This [announcement] is the kickoff of our paid promotional campaign, but for the remaining 4 weeks until launch we have a ton of global action, activities and content on the way . “

It will be so much fun!” Promises the senior director of marketing at Xbox.

Xbox Series X and S will be available worldwide on November 10 . We recently learned that the two consoles will be region free , and that their Quick Resume function will allow you to resume games even after a system update . Also, the engineering team of the brand has confirmed that the heat from X Series is similar to that of a current X One.

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