The friend system and a new map and more will be introduced to Among Us

The friend system and a new map and more will be introduced to Among Us

Among Us received a new update a few days ago, introducing, among other things, anonymous voting, and the ability to hide the task bar. However, this is not the end of the news.

The latest update introduced the features that players asked for the most. Developers know, however, that they cannot stop now and have to add new products. So far, we know about the four upcoming changes.

What to expect in the next weeks in Among Us?

The creators primarily want to deal with cheaters. Recall that these are currently able to:

  • Take out your opponents all over the map
  • Walk faster
  • Receive information about who is the Impostor right away
  • Reduce or remove cooldowns

The anti-cheat system is therefore extremely important and will be introduced soon. At this point, it is definitely a priority. It is similar with the friends system. As we read in the official announcements, the possibility of adding friends, communicating with them etc. will soon appear. However, this will take a while.

New Amoug Us Map

For sure, players can also expect a map, inspired primarily by a cartoon character – Henry Stickmin. So far, very little is known about it, and you can guess that the map is at an early stage of design.

Finally, developers want to improve the functioning of servers that can hang and reset at certain times. Here, players should see progress day by day.

When to expect updates? It is a matter of weeks rather than days. On the way, minor changes related to the interface and gameplay will be introduced. You will have to wait at least a dozen or so days for the map, friends system or anticheat.

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