PS5: SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless in the test – perfect sound for the PlayStation 5?

PS5 SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless in the test - perfect sound for the PlayStation 5

Only a few more weeks and finally the lucky first can use the power of the PS5 to experience. We have high expectations of the new generation of Sony consoles, not only in terms of graphics and speed, but sound also plays a big role when it comes to a successful immersion.

Proprietary Use Tempest 3D Audio Technology If you want a true sound experience and with the wireless PULSE 3D currently sold out, Sony is providing the right headphones. But third-party vendors are also positioning themselves for the launch and with the Arctis 7P wireless has Danish game maker SteelSeries a specially designed PS5 designed model presented.

Before we deal in detail with the gaming headset, briefly give an overview of the PS4 and PS5 connection options . By the way, you can continue to use your existing headphones in most cases, and that too has virtual surround sound advantage.

Overview: Connect your headphones to PS4 and PS5

3.5 mm jack plug

  • PS4 : Connect the wired headphones with the 3.5mm jack plug into the socket of the DualShock 4 controller.
  • SP5 : The new controller DualSense SP5 also has the appropriate jack and accept your hardware.


  • PS4 : Wireless transmission using a standard 2.4 GHz radio network is usually implemented using a USB transmitter from the headset manufacturer. Two USB-A ports are available on the PS4 for this purpose.
  • PS5 : The USB transmitters should continue to work smoothly on the PS5. A USB-C port is available as well as three USB-A sockets this time.

Optical audio output

  • PS4 : With the exception of the PS4 Slim model, the PlayStation 4 has the option of transmitting audio using a TOSLINK optical cable.
  • PS5 : This connection option is no longer available on PlayStation 5.


  • PS4 : Wireless device detection via Bluetooth mainly works only with Sony products such as DualShock 4 controller or Platinum headset. Other manufacturers require a separate Bluetooth transmitter that occupies a USB input. For example, are you using the Creative BT-W3 , almost any bluetooth headphones, earphones or earphones can be easily connected.
  • PS5 : At the moment we can only speculate, but we believe that even with the PS5, Bluetooth is only available with Sony audio devices and specially licensed from other manufacturers without additional adapters.

Chic design, high wearing comfort

Enough of the preface, let’s go to the test! It is based on the Arctis 7P cordless optics based on the successful SteelSeries 7 model of 2019 and impresses with a sleek and elegant design. Either in glossy white or black, each with subtle PlayStation blue apps on the headband, headband and inside of the ear cups, the headphones come in two color variations. There are no gimmicks eg RGB lighting, only a microphone LED and the power button generate some light.

Nice: When in use, the charging status is displayed in different colors. If the power button flashes red, you need to look for the charging cable and a USB power source included in the delivery; there is then less than 20% of the load available. Fortunately, the charging process is quick and the total battery life is excellent with a strong 24 hours.

PS5 SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless in the test - perfect sound for the PlayStation 5

The wearing comfort is excellent: the soft ear pads almost nestle against your ears and even those who wear glasses don’t have to worry about unpleasant pressure points. Speaking of ear pads: with a bit of fiddling, they can be better removed and cleaned. If you want to use other trims, for example synthetic leather, you will find them in the SteelSeries store.

The headband provides a firm grip, which you secure as needed and lock it with a Velcro closure on the strong, steel-reinforced headband. At around 420 grams, the Arctis 7P is by no means the absolute light weight among gaming headsets, but wearing comfort doesn’t suffer a bit after long gaming sessions.

The Arctis 7P is easy to connect

Although the design is geared towards the PS5, you can easily use the Arctis 7P Wireless on a variety of other devices. All you have to do is plug in the included USB-C transmitter, turn on the headphones, and enjoy the sound. You mainly use the narrow USB-C dongle directly on your smartphone, tablet or Nintendo Switch in portable mode. A 4ft (4ft) to USB-A adapter cable is included for use with the PS4, PC, or Switch docking station. The PS5 has both USB types, so you can use the plug which is just free.

PS5 SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless in the test - perfect sound for the PlayStation 5

The various controls are located on both ear cups: on the left you will find the volume wheel, the button you can feel to mute the microphone and the connection for the micro-USB charging cable. On the right side there is the power button and a dial for the so-called sidetone. With it, you can determine how well you get along and adjust the balance between game sound and voice chat.

ClearCast microphone without quirks

Of course, a good gaming headset also needs a high-quality microphone. SteelSeries is based on a flexible, two-way ClearCast model that can be fully seated in the left ear cup when you don’t need it. The microphone is officially Discord certified and not only has crystal-clear voice output, as our teammates confirmed, but also an effective noise canceling system that effectively filters out disturbing ambient noise.

However, the position in relation to your mouth is important. The microphone does not have pop protection so there may be an annoying background and hiss if you set an unfavorable angle. Readjust just once and it will work perfectly with communication.

Its rich

Unfortunately, of course, we haven’t been able to try the over-ear model on the PS5 yet, we will submit the experience to you as soon as possible. But we put the Arctis 7P through a thorough test with the PS4 Pro and we are thrilled with the result. You cannot access the SteelSeries audio engine software on the console, which offers a wide range of tuning options on a PC. Native sound has to convince here, in which the SteelSeries gaming headset really doesn’t allow itself any significant weakness.

PS5 SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless in the test - perfect sound for the PlayStation 5

Whether you’re on the spooky battlefields of a multiplayer shooter or listening to the ambient sounds in a survival horror game with your heart pounding, the acoustics deliver powerful bass, a well-differentiated midrange and crystal clear highs directly in the stomach area. The proven 40mm neodymium drivers of the Arctis series again do a great job, let you clearly perceive silent noises even in virtual bomb hail and impress with almost tangible spatiality.


Chic optics, useful features and superior acoustics: SteelSeries 7P wireless gaming headsets convince in every way and are not only a versatile connection, but also a true sound giant on all devices. Especially on PlayStation, the 7P shines with a dynamic, native sound image and considerable spatiality. Especially when it comes to guaranteed compatibility with the PS5 and Sony’s Tempest 3D audio technology, although this is implemented a bit later, the Arctis 7P is the top choice for home gaming. The configuration and the current retail price of 180.00 dollards for a good investment.

* Note: all links to online stores are affiliate links. We get a small commission for every purchase made through it – without you paying a dime more. Thank you for your support!

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