Fall Guys: Sonic Costume Unveiled By Mediatonic

Fall Guys Sonic Costume Unveiled By Mediatonic

Launched since October 8, season 2 of Fall Guys allows players to discover four new events, which therefore enrich the games. Today, and after a barely discreet teasing, Mediatonic has lifted the veil on the surprise that the team was preparing.

fallguys sonic costume

This surprise is quite simply the integration, on October 14, of a Sonic costume. The developers featured him on their Twitch channel, dressed up from head to toe as a blue hedgehog. If you want to get this upcoming outfit, it will cost ten crowns. However, in order to respect fairness between players, the costume will not offer any speed bonus to players who acquire it.


As a reminder, season 2 of Fall Guys brings two new racing events, a survival event, and a team event. To find out all about this new content, you can refer to the dedicated news tip, which you can find below. Another novelty, and not the least, is the possibility of obtaining many more crowns than before. Mediatonic has indeed increased their drop rate by 600% within Season Rewards.

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