PS5: Gamers make fun of the console size

PS5 Gamers make fun of the console size

After Sony showed what the PlayStation 5 looks like inside, many fans make fun of the console’s size. We’ll show you the best memes that came out of the presentation.

PS5 fans laugh at the size of the console

The PlayStation 5 is huge. Many fans only seem to have realized what dimensions it actually takes when they saw the consoles next to a person . After Sony revealed what its insides look like , fans are now making fun of the size.

Twitter user “Nacer Reloaded” was extremely surprised by the presentation . Who could have guessed that the PS5 is almost as big as a full-grown man?

“killer beecito” thinks they have seen the PS5 on the New York skyline before. What did Sony think of building such a huge device?

The size is especially clear when you compare it to the PS4 . “NumNum_Candy” shows that the previous console cannot even approach the PS5 upright.

If you’ve ever tinkered with a car, you’ll find your way around the new console straight away. “The IllestBeast” already knows exactly how to replace the hard drive on his PS5 .

The PS5 isn’t that big by accident, however. Above all, Sony wants to ensure that the console is kept cool with the additional space . While many gamers will remember the extreme loudness of the PS4, it certainly won’t be a problem from now on .