Minecraft’s summer update brings a nasty enemy into the caves – what are warden?

Minecraft's summer update brings a nasty enemy into the caves - what are warden

The “Caves & Cliffs” update brings the blind Warden as opponents to Minecraft . The new opponents are dangerous despite their poor eyesight, but can be tricked. We’ll show you everything you need to know about the Warden.

What kind of opponents are they? During Minecon 2020 the Warden were presented in the stream. There are new, gloomy enemies that await you in the dark caves. Visually they are terrifying and they hit hard too. The good thing is that the opponents are blind. They are even the first blind enemies in Minecraft. But that just makes them a little less dangerous for you.

When is the Warden’s release? In summer 2021 the big “Caves & Cliffs” update (version 1.17) for Minecraft will be released. It is ” the most anticipated update of all time ” and changes some of the underground and even brings the new copper ore . With the release, the Warden will appear. So that you are well prepared for the fight against the new opponents, we show you everything we already know about the Warden.

Warden in Minecraft hear you guys

What is special about the Warden? Although the monsters cannot see, they react to noises or vibrations. They do that with their Skulk sensor blocks on their head.

As long as the warden are not alerted, they move very slowly. But they get much faster in combat.

If you behave loudly and make noises around them, they will find you and attack. And you should be well prepared for this, because the Warden are strong.

You can trick them: With objects like snowballs you have a good chance of luring the warden away from you. If you find yourself with them in a dark cave, you unpack the tricks. Just throw the snowballs in a different direction than the one you want to run in. The Warden run after the vibration. This leaves you the chance to escape.

But if you are already fighting with them, do not let other noises distract you.

Where do warden spawn in Minecraft?

In this biome you will meet them: The Warden spawn in the “Deep Dark” biome. So far inside dark caves. This is where the new Skulk blocks spawn. So you can find them on the level just before the Bedrock blocks.

The environment in which the warden spawn is dark. This makes it easier for the opponents to sneak up on you.

You will immediately recognize them when they are around. They are big and look scary. If you follow a sound, your heart begins to beat faster. That is audible and visible.

Minecraft's summer update brings a nasty enemy into the caves - what are warden

How much damage do warden do and how much can they take?

This was shown: In a clip from Minecraft you can see a clash with a warden.

In the YouTube video you can see the Warden’s gameplay at around 40 minutes and 24 seconds:

One can only guess how many health points the Warden has. The player in the clip does not manage to defeat the opponent with 7 arrows and a few sword blows. So they can withstand a lot – currently probably 100 life points or 50 hearts, similar to the iron golem.

The damage that Warden deals seems to be very high. The character in the embedded clip wears full Netherite armor. A hit from Wardens still deducts 6.5 hearts from him. So you would be defeated in two strokes.

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