Don’t go through Genshin Impact too quickly, new updates will take a while

Don't go through Genshin Impact too quickly, new updates will take a while

The anime MMO Genshin Impact should get new updates. The developers have already announced specific dates. But the fans often don’t like that, they want to know earlier how the story will go on.

Chinese developer MiHoYo has explained on its official blog what fans can expect from Genshin Impact in the coming months. There is talk of a roadmap until February 2021. But if you want more story and big content, you have to be patient.

Mini-events for co-op have already been announced for the near future and will come “very soon”.

Genshin Impact 1.1 This is what the next update offers

Genshin Impact 1.1: This is what the next update offers

When is the next update coming? The developers of Genshin Impact have finally announced a date for the long-awaited update 1.1. Accordingly, the update will come on November 11, 2020.

What content does the update offer? In addition to a new event, update 1.1 also offers many improvements. Some fans translated the Chinese blog on :

  • So with 1.1 a monster and plant encyclopedia should finally come. So you have a direct overview of what strengths and weaknesses opponents have
  • Equipment is to come with which you can quickly use food for healing. This should be very useful for fights
  • You can report to fellow players from the co-op. There is also talk of an in-game chat.
  • You can also disable the car camera and reconfigure your buttons or controllers. A feature that many fans want (via )

That’s why you shouldn’t play too fast: By the way, there’s no talk of an update of the story so far. So if you were hoping to get new supplies with Update 1.1, you might be disappointed. Instead there will be a lot of bug fixes and improvements in addition to a new event.

Genshin Impact 1.1 offers new events – free chance for Fischl?

The new event “The Unreturned Star” will also take place on 1.1. So far it is not known what the event will consist of. It will probably consist of daily quests and similar tasks that you have to complete in a certain time.

Could Fischl be available for free? A picture appeared on Twitter that there should also be a “Golden House Event”. For this you have to do a certain quest and unlock Fischl. Fischl is one of the S characters on our animal list for Genshin Impact , making him one of the strongest characters in the game.

We don’t yet know whether the event quest will take place during “The Unreturned Star” or whether it will be something of its own.

In the end you have to solve a similar task as for other free heroes:

  • Barbara can be unlocked for free until the first update by reaching Adventure Rank 20. Then you will automatically receive it in your mailbox (via .
  • You can unlock Xiangling by reaching levels 3 – 3 of the Twisting Abyss. There is no time limit for you.

But you should note that there is still no official statement from the developer about Fischl. There were also events during the closed beta.

Genshin Impact Update: Here’s how

In addition to 1.1, two more updates have been announced. They should come in December 2020 and spring 2021:

  • Update 1.2 should appear on December 23, 2020 and offer the new region “Dragonspine Snow Mountain” (in German probably Dragon Ridge) with a lot of new activities. There may also be a new bite of the story. At least the chances are not bad.
  • Update 1.3 is announced for February 2021. The “Lantern Rite Festival”, a series of events, is to take place here. There is still no date when the event starts.

Developer MiHoYo recently announced that they want to support Genshin Impact for a long time and that a lot of new content has been planned for the game. At Genshin Impact you are only at the beginning and want to entertain and keep players busy for a long time.

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