Twitch suffers from internal issues of sexism and racism

Twitch suffers from internal issues of sexism and racism

The GameIndustry edition has released a large investigation material about the problems inside Twitch. During the course, 16 employees were interviewed who complained of harassment on the basis of racial or gender discrimination.

Numerous previous and current Twitch employees say that inside the company, some employees suffer from sexism and racism. More than a dozen employees have reported manifestations of these forms of abuse in the workplace.

Women who have worked at Twitch refer to the company as a “boys’ club” and say a culture of casual sexism permeated it in its early days, although complaints of sexism were one of the most common concerns raised by those involved in the publication’s investigation.

These complaints include sexist language used against women in the workplace, sometimes against their faces, and inaction on the part of HR and company management when women reported acts of misogyny and harassment at work.

There is also shadow racism in the company. It’s trivial to get into the company for people with a different skin color, and its top is white men. One employee said that racism was adopted by the company, recalling that one former executive had repeatedly made racist comments to an Asian woman on the team. Another employee said that people at the company had to fight for a year to get the word “n ****” off the table.

One employee also said that people in a company who seek diversity are usually punished for inconvenient activity, even if the company has spent the last years verbally speaking out for social justice in public.

Twitch has already issued an appeal regarding the investigation:

While we are not without guilt or above criticism, this article does not sufficiently acknowledge all the ways our company has grown and the many steps we have taken over the years to build a company that protects and supports our people and our community.

According to Owler, Twitch currently employs nearly 6,000 people. A sample of 16 people may have suffered individual incidents while working for the company, but more investigation is needed to be sure of racism and sexism within it.

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