An Ekko trick that can embarrass even old League of Legends stagers

An Ekko trick that can embarrass even old League of Legends stagers

Ekko without ulta on the 6th level. How does it work and why does it make sense?

One Ekko player shared his idea for the game, which says about not adding a point to his ultimate after reaching level six to confuse your opponents. This skill is definitely one of the most important elements of the hero’s set and without it the character loses a lot of his character. But what is the trick of not adding a point to your ulta?

Chronobreak – what is the trick all about?

Ultimate Ekko is considered one of the strongest abilities in League of Legends, when used, the hero immediately returns to where he was a few seconds ago and gains some of the health lost during that time.

The downside of this skill is the shadow that informs not only the player but also opponents about the position that the hero of this article can return to. This makes it much easier for the enemy champion to avoid situations where the escaping Ekko uses the ulta to attack again.

An Ekko trick that can embarrass even old League of Legends stagers

This does not allow the full potential of this skill to be used, so champion players have found a way to eliminate this defect by not improving the skill immediately after reaching level 6.

What if you don’t upgrade your Ulta immediately after reaching level 6? Whenever you need it, you just add a point using Ctrl + R shortcut and then use it (if you are sure you can do it fast enough).

The advantage would be that the opponent cannot see the ghost showing where the hero will spawn after using his ultimate. As an Ekko player, I think it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine where he will appear.

The trick is discussed in the video below and you can see how it works.

This is definitely something every main character should learn. After some time and getting used to this style of play, this can create many situations that can eventually lead to a winning line or even a game.

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