Hackers hijack Fortnite accounts on Youtubeur

Hackers hijack Fortnite accounts on Youtubeur

Quite a strange situation is currently happening on foreign Youtube, where a group of hackers takes over Fortnite Youtuber accounts.

Not everyone in the world likes Fortnite and it is probably not surprising. Interestingly, some people believe that Epic Games production destroys people’s lives. This is why a group of hackers decided to take over the accounts of famous Fortnite Youtubers.

Cryptic messages appeared on the accounts of several developers that hackers wanted to destroy the people who destroy others.

What’s this all about?

In total, several Instagram and Twitter accounts were hijacked, including an account belonging to Brother Tfue. Moreover, a special website was created where players could vote which account was to be taken over now.

It looked really scary. A group suddenly targets Fortnite and seizes accounts of famous people. Something in the story was wrong though, what exactly?

It was all very well coordinated. Posts came out at specific times, people indicated on the site as potential targets had plenty of time to additionally secure their accounts, change passwords, etc. And here suddenly someone declares taking over their account and does it without much problem.

The whole thing got even weirder when the website changed completely and now it concerns Zander Jones, who is said to have kidnapped his sister.

Some tasks and a criminal’s profile appeared on the website, and the whole thing began to resemble nothing else than a twisted promotional campaign of some companies, possibly Zander himself.

The film, however, did not arouse much emotions, it did not even manage to exceed 1000 views. People just didn’t really care. And it is hardly surprising, because after all, what does account hijacking to perform some challenges and looking for someone who was to kidnap YouTuber’s sister.

Hack fortnite

This matter is still not clarified and it is not known what is really going on here. Everything indicates, however, that this is a campaign aimed at promotion – so far it is not known who exactly.

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