The Witcher: First image of Yennefer in season 2

The Witcher First image of Yennefer in season 2

Netflix has the fifth gear with the promotion of its series the most important. This week was Geralt’s. On Monday we got our first look at the new armor What Will ItLookLike Henry Cavill in the new installment of the series , a spectacular outfit that the platform kicked off at the start of the presentation. of this new opus that followed yesterday with the first look at the character of Ciri , who will again be played by Freya Allan, and it promises to take on greater relevance.

And of course, the accounts are pretty straightforward; If we have three main characters in the series and two have already been shown, we only have one; that of Anya Chalotra. Yennefer has been the protagonist of today’s promotional phase, with a first image in which we can see the witch very bruised and imprisoned. It must be remembered that the witch is defeated in battle with the rest of her guild, and by what appears to be captured by the enemy, as we see in these images.

Thus, these three protagonists are already presented for the second season. What is not yet clear is when it will be released, because while it looked like it was going to see the light of day early next year, the pandemic caused the filming to be halted, so we don’t don’t know when the show will be ready . After the presentation of the three protagonists, it would be nice if in the coming weeks Netflix give us a preview of the look of some of the new characters in the series as they can be Eskel or the highly anticipated Uncle Vesemir , that after many rumors finally It will not be played by Mark Hamill.

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