Survey indicates that 72% of consumers in the United States prefer PS5

Survey indicates that 72% of consumers in the United States prefer PS5

With the new generation a few weeks away from being released, there is no shortage of market studies that begin to investigate which way the balance is tilted in terms of consumer preferences. This is the case of the market research company VGM that conducted a survey among a representative group of 511 consumers in the United States during a period that spanned from September 23 to 25 to find out which next-generation console they will buy.

According to the report , 15% of those surveyed have already managed to reserve a new generation console . Of that percentage, 72% opted for the standard version of the PS5 , 30% for an Xbox Series X, 10% for a PS5 Digital Edition and 8% for an Xbox Series S. 29% tried to reserve a console without success , of them, 58% chose PS5 standard , 40% by Xbox Series X, 21% PS5 Digital Edition and 11% for Xbox Series S. presumably greater than 100% due adds to the possibility that some respondents will to buy more than one console at launch.

In general terms, the survey shows that pre-sales were insufficient . Of the subcategory of respondents representing the most enthusiastic gamers, 28% managed to put their console away, while 42% tried to do so without success.

The games that motivated users to opt for a PS5 were Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 52% of the cases, followed by God of War: Ragnarok with 42% and Final Fantasy XVI with 32%. In the case of Xbox, Halo Infinite was the purchase reason for 45% of respondents, followed by Fable with 26% and Forza Motorsport 8 with 24%.

Other reasons that motivated the decision-making by consumers are not much surprising, with 45% of those interviewed admitting that they bought PS5 for its exclusives and 42% said that buying a new Xbox was a good option for what they offer subscription programs like Game Pass . Something that is surprising is that 63% of those surveyed admitted that they had no knowledge that Microsoft recently bought ZeniMax.

We will have to wait a few weeks to contrast these survey figures with the real numbers of the sales of new generation consoles; It is also convenient to pay attention to similar studies in markets outside the United States such as Europe and Latin America. For now, we recommend you visit this special to learn more about the technical characteristics of PS5 that are more attractive and visit our first impressions of Xbox Series X that we found better than we expected.

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