Steam Game Festival kicks off: here are 11 of the best demos you can download and play for free

Steam Game Festival kicks off here are 11 of the best demos you can download and play for free

The Steam Games Festival returns to our computers with a whole explosion of titles in development, mostly independent, available to players . Many of them are played live as part of an event-packed schedule that includes discussions with the developers and a unique opportunity to connect with those responsible for what could be some of the independent bombings of the coming season.

But nevertheless, what logically arouses the most expectations among Steam regulars is the possibility of trying out demos of games still in development, snacks for PC (and often Mac and Linux) of what is to come. coming and will be available in the future in Steam. Among the hundreds of demos that will be available in the coming days, we have selected a few. Here is a sample of the best demos available at this Steam Game Festival: Fall Edition.

Dark wood

An atmospheric stealth adventure game set in a Victorian town marked by a terrible curse. Fantastic weapons, dark characters, a first-class setting for a game that very consciously remembers the early polygonal classics of survival horror .

Fighting in tight spaces

The aesthetics and mechanics of this game halfway between the garish and abstract look of “Superhot” and the turn-based action development of “John Wick: Hex” make us love it. Add to all this the idea of ​​the card game to collect and use strategically and we will face the strangest and most original version of the mythical brutal fights in tight spaces of action cinema.

Garden story

An exploration and adventure RPG in the most classic style of “Zelda” which may not be revolutionary but with its endearing story of a grape who must protect his village from the monsters that attack it. will provide a cuddly corner where you can remember quieter and more emotional times for video games. A nostalgic dive where you can do a thousand ordinary shopping for the neighborhood.


While already available in console stores and the Epic Store, ‘Superliminal’ won’t arrive on Steam until November. Perhaps, if you are a user of the Valve platform, now is a good time to find out why This puzzle of distorted perspectives, deception and methodical hallucinations that many have compared to “Portal” evokes. so much praise.

Partisans 1941

Set on the Eastern Front of WWII, this tactical stealth game puts you in charge of a Red Army squad in the face of German occupation . With a very lucid visual finish, “Partisans 1941” will require you to use elements of the scene, fully customize your team and its members, and take action by coordinating them all to end the invasion.

Lucifer in us

With a unique setting (you’re a digital exorcist able to see in different timelines) who must solve a nonlinear murder, this is a game that promises to be demanding with its detectives. There will be no mini-games, puzzles or clues, the player will have to use all the evidence at your disposal and do more than follow a simple mysterious story to solve the case.

Gonner 2

Procedurally generated platforms for a sequel that rescues the colorful, surreal settings of Death’s Lair, which you help drive a menacing presence from his home. With its non-linear level structure and roguelike tunes , “Gonner 2” could prove to be one of the most difficult and demanding platforms of the season .

Land of screens

A point-and-click adventure with an aesthetic and highly humanistic theme. After a romantic breakup, the protagonist is determined to embark on an almost impossible mission: to separate all the people in your environment from the screens . A graphic adventure with a message on the addictions of modern life.

Party animals

The shadow of ‘Fall Guys’ is very long, and it reaches this game in which instead of surreal colorful beans we have cute furry animals engaged in bloodless combat. Several online and local tests that you intend to be the next millionaire board game for .


If the delirium and techno sounds like places designed in hell, wait and try this game that injects survival horror mechanics into modern fluorescent environments . While trying to escape a rave that wants to claim the lives of all participants, you will have to solve puzzles thanks to a mechanic based on the cell phone carried by the hero and the dialogues he has with other unhappy lovers of the house .

Chinatown Detective Agency

It cybernoir is more fashionable than ever, and this adventure Point and click the suggestive mechanical proposes to use the real world to collect clues to solve the crime of the future to which the player is convicted. The fictional world of the year 2032 is too small for this game in which you have to investigate online or explore authentic sites to advance in a game inspired, according to its authors, by the “Carmen Sandiego” franchise.

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