Pokémon Masters receives a new chapter in its main story

Pokémon Masters receives a new chapter in its main story

Pokémon Masters It has undergone a great evolution in recent months. First, changed several of its mechanisms to offer coaches a new way of playing. After that, a big update with which the game was renamed Pokémon Masters EX . Although it has undergone these changes, the game continues to receive events. A good example is the lylia family , which recently ended.

However, we are not going to tell you about any events. And is it new today is that a new chapter in the main story of Pokémon Masters EX . It will be number 26 . In addition, after completing it, the compis pair formed by The River Yes Alola Dugtrio will join our team. The end of this chapter will also give us access to a new interlude . More precisely, this will be the sixth interlude.

Pokémon Masters receives a new chapter in its main story

Pokémon Masters EX Chapter 26 preview

The new Chapter 26 picks up the story where it left off. Our compis team have reached the quarterfinals of the World Pokémon Masters (WPM) , in which they will face Cynthia , the Champion of Sinnoh. One day before this confrontation, our avatar is in a square of Passio with Nanci , Tilleul Yes violet . Tilleul’s thrill to face Cynthia contrasts with Nanci’s worry, who worries we are not strong enough to beat this great coach. For this reason, our team decides that they will devote the rest of the day to a lot of training.

At this time, Professor Margarita , which tells us that you have the perfect plan to carry out this intensive training. For this reason, we have decided to follow the teacher, who takes us to a house where they are The river , Chris Yes Lem . What do these three have in mind? Will they make our team stronger? You have the answer in Pokémon Masters EX.

And so far the information about the expansion of the history of Pokémon Masters EX . Finally, we invite you to vote in our polls to choose the perfect starter Pokémon . Will your favorite be the winner?

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