Is Apex Legends manipulating SBMM to make you lose? EA study worries fans

Is Apex Legends manipulating SBMM to make you lose EA study worries fans

The theme of SBMM, known as Skill-Based Matchmaking, is the most controversial aspect of all multiplayer titles. It’s supposed to be a system that exists in the vast majority of online games , but there has always been the question whether this is something real or if it is more fake than a $ 7 bill. . But it is also controversial as many players want SBMM not to exist as it could cause connection issues in multiple games etc. The point is, this is also one of the most controversial aspects for Apex Legends.

Does Apex Legends have SBMM?

Recently, this controversy has been put on the lips of all EA fans as a 2017 study by the company itself reveals a method called EOMM (via Dexerto). The study doesn’t indicate that they use it or don’t use it, but that EA, like any other company, it pretends to keep gamers enjoying their games the longer, the better. The SBMM serves, among other things, for this, so that you can play with people of your level and not be frustrated with playing with people who are very inferior or superior to you.

In fact, whenever players have complained about SBMM or said it doesn’t exist, the developers of Apex Legends have claimed that “Apex matchmaking is skill-based. It is not literally designed to make you lose, spend or gamble more ”, and they have never even seen the patent on the EOMM system. But now well What is EOMM?

Why might EA fans be concerned?

This study, carried out by the EA, found out that the EOMM system is preferable for allowing players to enjoy a game. This is based on you get assured wins every now and then. It is that if you have won, it is likely that the game will manipulate the game so that you lose, and when you lose, you win again. EOMM is a system that triggers these algorithms so you can play longer.

But does this apply to Apex Legends? The study also found that EOMM can be more easily applied in 1v1 games, although it is possible to implement it in larger games with more players. The point is, does this system really apply in Electronic Arts games or not We will just never know, because if it is true it is a blatantly negative aspect that will never be admitted, then they can lie or tell the truth. What do you think?

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