Genshin Impact criticized for lacking content and summon percentages

Genshin Impact criticized for lacking content and summon percentages

Impact Genshin has grown into one of the most successful video games of all of 2020, with a player base that already exceeds 17 million users – and relying only on mobile devices -. So, many users spend their time researching information on increasing the Adventurer Rank , how to access multiplayer and others… although among all the interest aroused, criticism has started to emerge.

Chinese players point to Genshin Impact’s shortcomings

In particular, the reviews come from the Chinese player base, which currently rates the game in the TapTap service with a 4.7 out of 10 . Also, according to one user in Reddit , these are the main causes that have led the Chinese market to comment negatively on a title that seems to be constantly expanding:

  • The character appeal percentages are low, even by gacha game standards.
  • Sometimes summons will only leave us with weapons .
  • Once you reach Rank 29, in-game content is scarce to the point that it’s only worth accessing to collect the daily rewards.
  • There ‘endgame’ of the game is currently devoid of content. This forces players to scour the map for chests that will often yield disappointing rewards.
  • There the multiplayer is useless and it does not always work properly.
  • The game strongly forces the user to purchase virtual currency in order to access the desired content.
  • The game does not have big events .
  • There performance on many mobile devices did not meet expectations.

Genshin Impact is available as a free to play title for PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS . Months ago, the developer confirmed plans to bring the title to Nintendo Switch, but since then there have been no further statements about it.

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