Dragon Ball fans wonder if the Dragon Balls should be destroyed

Dragon Ball fans wonder if the Dragon Balls should be destroyed

They belong for many years Manga and Anime by Akira Toriyamas Dragon Ball to the most important and influential representatives of the Shonen genre . Although The Adventures of Son Goku Although they began in 1984, they still enjoy a large following, eagerly waiting for the story to continue.

But thanks to some food for thought from comicbook.com, there’s now a heated discussion about whether it’s time to change something about the concept of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball: is it time to get rid of the Dragon Balls?

Ever since the story of the little monkey boy Son Goku began in 1984, everything has revolved around the Dragon Balls. At least it was like that. In the meantime, the magic balls are no longer represented prominently, and yet they keep appearing and take some previous events ad absurdum or simply nullify them.

After the story arc around Planet Eater Moro has now ended in the official manga, Comicbook thinks the Dragon Balls should do the same. This statement and the following reasons why the disappearance of the magic dragon balls would be the best for everyone has sparked heated discussion in the relevant forums.

But what do you think? Should dragon balls be removed from the equation or do they still have a purpose?

Death is a joke

Probably the best reason for finally burying the Dragon Balls is the fact that a character’s death no longer shocks a reader, after all, thanks to the Wonder Balls, he’s coming back anyway. But this has not always been the case. As some readers may recall, Earth’s Dragon Balls had an important rule that a deceased can only be brought back once with the power of the balls.

This arrangement led to an epic scene in the Saiyan Saga for example when the Z Warriors desperately tried Vegeta and Nappa to stop. Chaozu , Tenshinhan’s pale boyfriend , was one of the first to give up his life fighting for land. His death angered Tenshinhan. He knew his boyfriend was not going to come back because he was brought back after Demon King Piccolo had killed him.

Of course, Son Goku and his friends found out that it was on the planet Namek there were other much more powerful Dragon Balls and so any that fell could be brought back. Without the Dragon Balls, a character’s death would be relevant again, and the fear of someone disappearing into the Realm of the Dead forever would be much greater.

There are too many dragon balls

Even though we omit the non-canonical stories, there are still four different sets of Dragon Balls. There are the originals which God once created the Namekian dragon balls of the ancients for the dwellers of the earth guru who set Super Dragon Balls im Tournament of Power and of course the new Earth Dragon Balls of Dende . All with their own set of rules and a lot of confusion when you compare the sets.

Hence the open question of whether it wouldn’t make sense to at least reduce the number of Dragon Balls if you don’t get rid of them completely.

Dragon Ball fans wonder if the Dragon Balls should be destroyed

The end of the Deus Ex Machina

This part is based on the idea of ​​leaving the Dragon Balls aside to make sure the creators of the franchise still have to put in a little more effort. If the magic balls are removed from the equation, the constant use of the Deus Ex machina away and thus could bring a breath of fresh air into the stories. This comes from the fact that many fans weren’t too happy with the last arc on Moro.

If the Dragon Balls fall apart, manufacturers would have to put a lot more effort into incorporating surprising twists, trying out new ideas, and leading the franchise in new directions, instead of constantly relying on proven elements.

The Dragon Balls make the franchise repetitive

As previously mentioned, many fans felt that the Moro-Arc was just a savage mishmash of previous arcs, and the villain himself was a crass mix of Demon King Piccolo and Cell . Even though the Dragon Balls weren’t that important in the last arc, they served as a sort of safety net for the Z-Warriors, ensuring that any issues that arose could be resolved with a simple wish.

So now the question arises as to what Dragon Ball would look like today, if after the Tournament of Power really all universes except Univers 7 would have been wiped out. How would that have affected the other characters? Would characters from other universes have been forced to live in Goku and Vegeta’s world?

They just became superfluous

At the end of the day, Dragon Ball is all about epic battles, reaching almost ridiculously explosive new levels of power and wacky action that typically revolves around Z warriors on earth. The Dragon Balls only play a minor role here and fade more and more into oblivion with each arc. Without them, a gigantic safety net would disappear, making the fights and their outcome much more exciting.

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