Destiny 2: Here’s how Beyond the Light’s new exotic weaponry works

Destiny 2 Here's how Beyond the Light's new exotic weaponry works

There is one month left for the launch of Beyond the Light , the expected new expansion of Destiny 2 which will come loaded with new, both playable and equipment, especially thanks to the new subclass based on the darkness that will debut. November 10. To this must be added the recent revelation of the exotic and legendary equipment coming with the expansion , which could be seen in a spectacular trailer and which now we will analyze in detail to find out what will be its applications in competitive games. and co-ops from the Bungie multiplayer title .


No time for explanations

Destiny 2 No time for explanations

One of the first weapons to be revealed in the official blog of Bungie is this spectacular gun exceptional pulse He has a special ability that can be deadly in the right hands. When handling this rifle, every normal hit and every precision hit against enemies hit by stasis will return bullets to the magazine . Players will be able to stack this effect to summon a portal that triggers from an alternate timeline, a combination that, in co-op missions with many enemies, such as raids and assaults, can be essential in successfully breaking out of the fight.

It should be noted that This Pulse Rifle is exclusive to those who buy the Season Pass , get the Deluxe Edition of the title or buy the Collector’s Edition . Those who don’t meet these requirements will have to wait until the end of Season 12 to get this Exotic Pulse Rifle.

Destiny 2 Strike the clouds

Another of the weapons featured is an Outstanding Sniper Rifle which can be essential in the most competitive modes in the PvP aspect of the Bungie multiplayer title According to its official description , precision final hits generate lightning strikes at the target location . If these shots have in addition to being executed in an accelerated manner, a storm will be summoned at the exact spot where the enemy was eliminated. Despite the fact that sniper rifles have a common presence in Destiny 2’s PvP it could also be used against powerful enemies in assaults, occasions, and raids.

At the moment It has not been detailed what the procedure will be to get your hands on this weapon, so we will have to wait to find out if this is an exotic adventure or if it can simply be purchased throughout. the new campaign that will bring Destiny 2 with this expansion.

Destiny 2 Lament

Could not miss the usual exceptional sword of Bungie , a type of weapon which the studio always tries to give new uses. On this occasion, Lament Block attacks to charge the sword, then shred enemies with shields , so its use could be more cooperative-centric than the competitive side, as it might be necessary to use it against enemies resistant from the many PvE activities of Destiny 2 . When Lament is fully charged, whoever uses it will heal when it deals damage to an enemy, so in a series of victims, it can be deadly and turn players into real killing machines.

Destiny 2 Salvation claw

Finally, Destiny 2 you will receive with Beyond the Light a new exceptional Grenade Launcher with a high component of Stasis . Recall that one of the novelties of the new extension is the presence of this new subclass, which will allow, among other things, to create ice crystals and freeze enemies. Because with Salvation’s Claw the same will happen, since each projectile fired generates stasis crystals that freeze nearby targets . Charging increases the amount of Stasis Crystals generated, as well as the Freezing Beam, again rewarding kill streaks.

As usual in Destiny 2 , this is surely just a first look at everything we’ll see during Season 12 , as Bungie typically includes news as the season comes to an end. We just have to wait for the Darkness to arrive with Beyond the Light and we can fight it with this exceptional new gear.

We remind you that Destiny 2 is available at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Yes Stadiums, in addition to having confirmed its presence in the next generation of consoles with improved versions for Playstation 5 Yes Xbox series x

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