Video Sony showed the insides of the PS5

Video Sony showed the insides of the PS5

Sony has posted a surprise teardown video for the PlayStation 5. It looks like nothing fancy.

The stand is arranged in an interesting way – it is fastened with a screw from the bottom to the console itself, and if the PS5 needs to be put on its side, but the stand is attached to a latch in the middle of the white “wing” (you need to attach it near a special mark in the form of gamepad icons).

It is assumed that dust can be removed without disassembling the console completely – you need to use a vacuum cleaner near the special holes.

The console received the most common slot for expanding file storage – M.2 PCIe 4.0. No proprietary solutions, fast enough SSDs from any manufacturer will do.

Liquid metal is used as a thermal interface.

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