This would be the date when we would know if Fortnite will return to iOS or not.

This would be the date when we would know if Fortnite will return to iOS or not.

At our current heights, it would be a stretch to deny that the recent war between the epic Yes Manzana games has been one of the conflicts that has rocked the video game industry the most in recent months. Especially because this competition has always revolved around a certain point: Fortnite or, more precisely, the dissatisfaction of its creators that iOS managers get 30% of all revenue generated by the game.

The latter led to Epic Games to introduce a direct payment system in Fortnite with which said percentage could be avoided; something that has not finished convincing in Manzana and it ended with the cancellation of the battle royale on iOS and, in addition, with a series of quarrels that have taken place in recent months and which have not not been clear when it comes to letting us know if the game will revert to this operating system at some point.

However, it seems that the legal battle has taken a new step; specifically with the revelation of the date on which the great judgment between Manzana Yes Epic Games in relation to the monopoly situation that the former holds in its operating system. In this way and as an insider known as ZhugeEX , re icho event will take place on May 3 of next year.

This last piece of information is important because it corresponds to the date on which said conflict could get a final resolution and, therefore, we could know whether Fortnite will return to iOS at some point or not . Therefore, we can only end the information shared here by pointing out that in Areajugones We will be very attentive to the steps taken by both companies in order to bring you any news that arises around their current competition.

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