The Nintendo Switch brand is here to stay: analysts believe Apple’s style will be emulated with iPhone

The Nintendo Switch brand is here to stay analysts believe Apple's style will be emulated with iPhone

The company would follow a similar line to Apple’s with iPhones, with new versions of the same device.

It is difficult to forecast the future, and even less in an environment like the world of video games, so evolving and variable. For that there are the figures of the analysts, who although they are not always right, they do have information about what the steps of the following large companies could be: in this case about Nintendo.From Bloomberg they give clues about what the path of the Japanese company could be in the future. It seems that the Big N intends to focus its next few years on evolving the Nintendo Switch brand without having to change its name. In other words, they exemplify it as something similar to what Apple does with iPhones: over the years there will be new versions of the Switch that will be backward compatible with the games published to date, at the same time that new options are added at the hardware level and functionalities.Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles in the history of the company, and it seems that they want to establish the path that the hybrid console has marked , and that there be no confusion when it comes to communicating a new system, as happened in their day with Wii U . In this way, they would free themselves from what is known in technology as the life cycle, establishing a brand whose devices do not stop evolving over the years, at the same time that the recurring player base increases.”In each generation of consoles the installed base during previous years is reset to zero along with the earning power,” says Toan Tran, investment manager at 10 West Advisors. In this way, Nintendo would follow a model similar to Apple’s, with an installed player base that advances over time and with which the feeling of belonging can be preserved despite not having the most advanced generation. Thus, the assets of the brand would never have to be reestablished from zero as it happens in each period of 5 or 6 years in which Nintendo changes the generation of consoles.For now, this is nothing more than analysts’ conjecture, although Nintendo has on occasion expressed their intentions to increase the useful life of Nintendo Switch.

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