Razer launches its own credit card and, true to form, includes a logo that lights up when paying

Razer launches its own credit card and, true to form, includes a logo that lights up when paying

Razer has always specialized in its computer accessories focused on the gaming. A good hardware which has defined its own style in dark tones and with lights characteristic of this sector, with the brand’s bright green predominant. Sometimes There are exceptions. But why limit yourself to keyboards and mice? The company has extended this idea to a new sector: that of financing. his new credit card It is not one to use, it is differentiated by the characteristic logo of the brand that lights up when paying.

In recent years we have seen different tech companies enter the world of finance. More or less, since they generally put the integrated technology in their ecosystems and it is an external bank that manages the economic part itself. Occurs with Apple Card, happens with Google Card and it happens with Samsung Pay Card. Razer’s idea is something similar: a physical and virtual prepaid card that integrates with the brand’s payment system.

Differential design, limited availability and rewards to redeem

According to Razer, this credit card can be obtained in three different versions. The virtual version is a credit card that we will only have in the Razer app and in virtual wallets. The standard version for its part is a physical credit card in matte black and with a few more shades of gray. Finally there is the version premium and of course the most interesting of all, is the one that has a Razer logo that glows green when paying. It is understood that the premium version will have an extra monthly or annual price, although there are not many details about it at the moment.

However, the lighting of the card is not the only thing that differentiates it and the factor by which users are going to bet on it. It has other advantages related to the financial aspect itself. Users can get a 1% refund on certain product purchases and up to 5% for some products purchased from the Razer store on-line. Likewise, in its beta phase the card offers a 10% discount on products purchased in the Razer store.

Razer launches its own credit card and, true to form, includes a logo that lights up when paying

With the money recovered from purchases it is possible redeem it for company products since this money becomes credit within Razer Pay, the brand’s own payment system.

All this however is currently limited to the beta phase and limited 1,337 people to register first. It is also only available in Singapore for now (Razer Pay is actually only available in Singapore and Malaysia for now). We will have to wait to see if the card reaches more countries globally or stays in a curious Razer experiment, such as the chewing gums that they put on sale recently.

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