Phasmophobia: how to use the Crucifix

Phasmophobia how to use the Crucifix

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer horror, but if you want you can play it in VR to make it a million times more terrifying! This game is not for the faint of heart, nor for people who live next to neighbors who like to complain, as there will be screams of terror throughout the dark night! The premise of phasmophobia is that you and your friends are paranormal investigators, hunting down ghosts and proving to the world that the dwellers of death are real.

As a Paranormal Investigator, you are, of course, equipped with varying amounts of ghost hunting gear to combat the horrors of Hell, such as Ouija boards, UV lamps, and a crucifix. How does the crucifix work in phasmophobia? How do you use it?

The first thing you and your friends need to do is figure out what type of ghost is haunting the happy place, because using a random ghost hunting gadget doesn’t work! Collecting evidence is a must; use your night vision cameras, thermometers, or even witness a ghost event to collect evidence. As you progress through the night, exploring the house , your sanity will steadily decrease and paranormal activity will increase; once your sanity hits 0, say goodbye to your life!

Fortunately, with your range of gear, items like the Crucifix can keep ghosts at bay by suppressing unholy activity in the area, saving your sanity and your life! The Crucifix is ​​there to prevent a ghost from entering its haunting phase, so it must be used before it reaches that phase. In a ghost’s room, place a crucifix on the ground while it is passive; however, if the ghost haunting the room is of considerable size, you might need it scattered in strategic locations to be safe!

Unfortunately, if the ghost is already in the haunting state, then this crucifix will perform a diddly squat; You might as well use it to hit your friends to death, as it’s a more enjoyable death than slowly losing your mind.

However, according to YouTube comments:

If you understand correctly what kind of ghost it is. And if he attacks you, you can use the crucifix and say (e’g action – go “___type___”), and he will stop hunting for a while.

This tip could save your life!

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