Genshin Impact Guide – Elements and Elements

Genshin Impact Guide - Elements and Elements

All skills and abilities in the world of Genshin Impact are built on specific elements. While all knocked out characters possess only one elemental element, the main character can switch between any, gradually increasing his strength.

Each element is associated with several talents, abilities, reactions and passive bonuses that affect the play style and capabilities of the squad. In this guide, we’ll cover a few of the basic elemental elements of the game.

There are seven different elements in total:

  • Anemo: Wind
  • Cryo: Frost
  • Dendro: Nature
  • Electro: Lightning
  • Geo: Earth
  • Hydro: Water
  • Pyro: Fire

At the moment, your character can only use Anemo and Geo, switching between them, but over time, other elements will be added. However, already now your teammates (heroes from Prayers) may have other elements.


The wind release is the first one you’ll get to know in the game. She has two passive abilities and three combat talents. As a rule, Anemo is useful in battles and when creating reactions with other elements. Anemo’s main ability is a whirlwind, which combines the wind with the rest of the elements in the specified area. For example, if the vortex interacts with Pyro, the target will take fire damage.

Two passives:

  • Piercing Wind – This ability enhances the last attack in combination with the wind, dealing an additional 60% damage to any enemy in the affected area.
  • The second wind – by killing with the Palm Whirlwind talent, you will receive a buff for 5 seconds, regenerating 2% HP.

Combat talents:

  • Outlander Wind – enhances the normal combo, deals 5 hits, and a charged attack, allowing you to deal a double blow with a wind damage buff. Low consumption of stamina.
  • Palm Whirlwind – Attack with a small ball of wind from your palm, damaging and knocking enemies in front. The ball reacts to other elements in the affected area.
  • Strong Gust – Create a small tornado moving slowly forward and pulling enemies in. If it touches another element while moving, it will absorb it and deal additional damage to the enemy. Eventually, the tornado will explode.


Geo is an earth element, more focused on defense and mobility, but still gives some damage buffs. Geo is superior to other elements in breaking down the defenses, barriers and environmental obstacles you will encounter when exploring Teiwat. Crystallize is the equivalent of a vortex into the element of Anemo. You create an elemental shield and reduce damage done by enemies. Each blow struck when using Geo has a small chance of crystallizing the enemy, automatically reducing its magical power, as well as creating shards that can be picked up using certain shield abilities, increasing your defense.

Like Anemo, Geo has two passives and three talents.

Passive skills of Geo:

  • Dark Mountain Shattered – A commonplace 2 second cooldown reduction for the Starfall Sword talent.
  • Frenzied Landslide – You deal 60% of Geo’s AoE damage to all enemies hit by the last combo hit.

Geo’s talents:

  • Alien Stone Blade – Functionally identical to the one described in the first paragraph for Anemo. Only a charged attack gets a Geo boost, not Anemo.
  • Starfall Sword – Summons an asteroid that falls to the ground, dealing AoE damage over a large area. You can use it as a platform to get to higher areas.
  • Earth Awakening is a wide-radius attack that knocks enemies back, inflicting Geo Damage and crystallizing hit enemies. A wall is also created that can be used as a cover.

Element reactions

Even though you can only master two of the seven possible elements, there are others in the game, so you can combine them to get completely unexpected results. Experiment!

  • Burning is an effect that is caused by the Pyro element.
  • By combining Hydro and Electro, you can shock your opponent.
  • Hit the enemy with Hydro and then Cryo damage to freeze.
  • Smelt the enemy by inflicting Cryo damage, and then using the Pyro element.
  • Shatter your opponent with a Heavy Blow after they are frozen.
  • Overload – Create a burning area first with Pyro’s AoE attack, then add Electro to it.
  • Superconductivity. An analogy of overload, only instead of Pyro, you need to combine Cryo and Electro.
  • Whirlwind – described above in the section on Anemo.
  • Evaporation – Ignite an enemy with the Pyro element, then extinguish it using Hydro.
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