Fall Guys presents their Thicc Bonkus

Fall Guys presents their Thicc Bonkus

Mediatonic has announced that it is adding “costume randomization” in the second season of Fall Guys. A simple option thanks to which you will look different every match. Nothing special, but this is just the beginning of the “players’ influence” on this production.

You have to be careful when you give your community the power to vote and elect. The results can surprise everyone and lead to unusual results. In Fall Guys, for example, players chose the name of a special obstacle that will appear in Season Two. It has been decided that it will be called “Thicc Bonkus” – you will judge whether this term fits the appearance. The “toy” is available at the bottom of the news.

This is the second time Fall Guys players have named some attraction in the game. The Big Yeetus (Hammer) has already been introduced in the first season. Now we will see Thicc Bonkus, which is a spiked pendulum. A lovely name for such a destruction tool …

The new season will begin in Fall Guys on October 8.


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