Best PS4 Music of September 2020 – Feature

Best PS4 Music of September 2020 - Feature

What’s another month but another excuse to talk about game music ? And in what is becoming one of the only happy trends of 2020, we’ve got another month absolutely jam-packed with great gaming music! It’s a particularly unique month as we have three games to discuss, each of which came out in some form before these releases. And that?

The first time Mafia was released the game already had a really good soundtrack, which is why it’s such a particularly fascinating event to not only have the whole score of this Mafia remake redone, but to have it. got. even better . Jesse Harlin absolutely kills it here, delivering an incredibly versatile soundtrack that delivers one punch after another.

Crysis is a game that has never really left the public lexicon due to the sheer volume of memes related to its visual fidelity. While the game’s new remaster doesn’t do a particularly effective job of advancing that legacy, one thing that remains stellar and tends not to get a lot of attention is the music. Crysis has a fantastic soundtrack and the music of Inon Zur was and is one of the title’s strongest assets.

How could it not be here? The Tony Hawk skateboard series is absolutely legendary for many reasons, and one of the most important is its licensed soundtrack. Packed to the gills with tracks that defined an entire generation of games, most of these tracks are a throwback to one of the best top-to-bottom remakes of the generation. And if that wasn’t enough, the game offers a slew of new tracks to complement what was already an incredibly robust tracklist.

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